Sunday, September 28, 2014

More information on Qtech system

Here is a copy of a slide out of our powerpoint with a more detailed breakdown on the QTech.
Find more products and information at the link in the slide.

Installing of a QTech system

This is a QTech. A QTech is a wireless control system for operating controls remotely. Plan of attack was to install one in our classroom to operate our inverter and the heaters at this time. The other one is to be installed in the SSB building so we can operate the inverter remotely.

Above: Wiring diagrams on the QTech system
Above: Sizing of case for SSB QTech

Above: Installed QTech and main 230v supply. Also mounting of switches and lamps for the front.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Check out our video on youtube

Check out our video of our powerpoint presentation on youtube at the link below.

Resources of batteries used the as/nzs standard for stand alone systems and mounting upgrade.

Here is a full breakdown on the batteries. We have used as our battery bank. Includes charge cycles, discharge curves and more.

Her is the an/nzs standard for stand alone systems. Includes information on off the grid and tied to grid systems.

Here is a possible upgrade for mounting to the roof.

Roof Bracket - Corrugated

To fix the roof-mounted system onto a corrugated roof. The interlocking bolt is pre-fitted to the roof bracket with washer and M8 nut. The position of the roof rafters must be taken into account when fixing.
Stainless steel interlocking bolt

Stainless steel roof anchors

High mechanical load-bearing capacity

Easy to align mounting rails

Weight 0.73kg
Supplied with:
2 roof brackets

2 interlocking bolts

2 washers

2 M8 nuts

Photos of the solar project from beginning to completion

 Taking panels out of boxes under the veranda.

Mounting of brackets to panels to mount to roof.

Drilled then silicon for water proofing then attach Timbertek roof screws for fastening

Running of the cables from the solar panels to junction box and off roof. Which connects with cable coming up from solar controller.



Finished result of mounting to roof and completed wiring.

Wiring up and installing the battery bank in classroom to increase the storage capacity.

 Above: Finished battery bank 24v for solar panels and other forms connection. Also a 12v circuit for a 12v wind generator.

Above: This is the local busbar for incoming sources to connect before going through the controller.

Above: Finished look on a nice frosty morning and can also see wind turbine which connects to the 12v battery bank.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hello all

This is a powerpoint of our solar project and the steps we took to get there. Hope you enjoy and find it interesting.

Thanks Shockinglybad

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Shockinglybad’s proposal for solar generation for class project


The use of the solar panels at the moment could be optimized. This can be achieved by increasing production and the development of a sun positioning system. By the use of actuators to get better full sun time hours on the panels. Will mean more production as the panels are energized more of the time. This could include a LDR sensing device to make the operation automated and reduce the risk of operator error.

This will be accomplished by fixing the panels to the roof. With one side hinged and the other with an actuator mounting to move and change the angle of the panels. The use of a LDR to detect when light is low at roof level it can operate the actuators to increase angle and sun influence on the panels.